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The Guernica Piano Concerto
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Symphonies (Back to Top)

Symphony #1 for String Orchestra, 1968 (18")
St. Paul Chamber Orchestra " Leapold Sipe, conducting
Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra " Mendy Rodan, conducting
Alaska All-State Orchestra " Fredrick Kaufman, conducting

Symphony #2 for Wind Orchestra, 1970 (21")
(1/2, 2, 2 (1), 2, 2, 2, 1, 3 percussion)
Wisconsin All-State Band " Col. Gabriel, conducting
South Dakota All-State Wind Ensemble " Fredrick Kaufman, conducting
Eastman Wind Ensemble " Frederick Fennell, conducting
Eastern Montana Wind Ensemble
Numerous College and University performances throughout the United States

Symphony for Strings and Percussion, 1976 (16")
(3 percussion and strings 6,6,5,4,2)
Commissioned by the Israel Youth Orchestra
Israel Youth Orchestra " Shalom Ronli-Rickles, conducting
Philadelphia Youth Orchestra " Joseph Primavera, conducting
Delaware Symphony Orchestra " Stephen Gunzenhausen, conducting
Brazilian National Symphony Orchestra " Fredrick Kaufman, conducting

When The Twain Meet, (A Symphonic Movement), 1981 (24")
(2,2,2,2,4,2,3, percussion and strings 5,5,4,3,2)
London Sinfonietta, Queen Elizabeth Hall
Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts Orchestra

Symphony #5 "The American", 1987 (22")
(2,2,4,2,4,3,3,2, percussion, harp & strings 6,6,5,4,2, optional narration)
Commissioned by We The People 200 City of Philadelphia for the National Ceremonial
Concert commemorating 200th anniversary of signing of the Constitution of the U.S.A.
Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, Philadelphia Academy of Music
Joseph Primavera, conducting; Martin Bookspan, narrator
Los Angeles Philahrmonic, Hollywood Bowl " Andres Previn, conducting
Loren Greene, narrator
Boston Pops, Symphony Hall " John Williams, conducting
Los Angeles Soloists Orchestra

Symphony #5 "The American", (band version) 1988 (22")
Virginia All-State Band
University of Montana Concert Band
All-American Concert Band, European Tour
Pittsburgh Winds

Orchestral Compositions (Back to Top)

The Journey, 1974 (20")
(3,2,3,2,4,3,3,1, percussion & strings 6,6,5,4,2)
Israel Philahrmonic, Mann Auditorium, Tel-Aviv & Bat-Sheva Dance Company
Zubin Mehta, conducting
Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts Orchestra " Joseph Primavera, conducting

Ballet Music, 1976 (16")
(3,3,3,3,6,4,3,1, percussion, harp, piano & strings 6,6,5,4,2)
Commissioned by the Batsheva Dance Company
Israel Philharmonic " Fredrick Kaufman, conducting
San Francisco Retrospective

Seascape, 1987 (17")
(8 violin, 3 viola, 3 violoncello, 2 double bass, celeste, harp, 4 percussion)
Orchestra 2001 " James Freeman, conducting
Festival Orchestra " Stewart Robertson, conducting
Czech Symphony Orchestra, Leos Svarosky, conducting

The Dance of Death, 1990 (24") Compact Disc 1994
(2,2,2,2,4,2,2, percussion & strings 6,6,5,4,2)
London Sinfonietta, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Czech Radio Orchestra, Prague
Carlos Piantini, conducting
FIU Music Festival " Stewart Robertson, conducting

Catalan Concertante, 2000 (10")
Festival Orchestra , Miami " Carlos Piantini, conducting

Symphony for Winds, 1969 (14")
Yankton College Symphonic Wind Ensemble " Fredrick Kaufman, conducting
University of Michigan Symphonic Band
Goldman Band, New York City " Richard Goldman, conducting
Eastman Wind Ensemble
Numerous Colleges & University performances throughout the United States

Southeast Fantasy, 1982 (18")
Commissioned by the city of Kethikan, Alaska
Kethikan High School Symphonic Band, Ketchikan, Alaska
Philadelphia Wind Ensemble

Concertos (Back to Top)

Violin Concerto, 1968 Orion Masterworks Recording "85 (20")
(solo violin & strings 5,5,4,3,2)
Mario Bonaventura " Pittsburgh Symphony
Yael Kless " Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra "77, Holon Orchestra
Roy Malan " University of Colorado
Avigdor Zamir " Garden State Orchestra

Triple Concerto for Piano, Tenor Saxophone, Jazz Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra, 1975 (20")
(solo tenor saxophone, piano, jazz band (18) 2,2,2,2,4,4,3,1, strings)
Rubin Academy Jazz Ensemble with Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra,
Lukas Foss, conducting

Concerto for Cello and String Orchestra "Kaddish," 1987 CD '94 & '13 (18")
(solo cello & strings 6,6,5,4,2)
Andres Diaz " Moscow Philharmonic, Garden State Orchestra
Mark Drobinsky " Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra
Mark Drobinsky " Instrumental Ensemble of Grenoble
Yehuda Hannani " Lincoln Center " Jacov Bergman, conducting, Heritage Orchestra
Mihaly Virizlay " Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra
Lee Feiser " Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Andres Diaz "New World Symphony " Fredrick Kaufman, conducting,
Dominican Republic Orchestra
Mark Drobinsky "Czech Radio Orchestra

Concerto for Clarinet and Strings, 1988 Compact Disc "93 (17")
(clarinet & strings 5,5,4,3,2)
Commissioned by Fred Storfer and the Garden State Orchestra
Charles Neidich " Garden State Orchestra
Ellie Eban " Concerto Soloists
Stuart Best " The Philadelphia Camarata Orchestra
JoAnn Sternberg " St. Cyprien Chamber Ensemble
Paul Green "Meldova National Orchestra, Fredrick Kaufman, conducting Richard Stoltzman "Warsaw National Philharmonic

Concerto for Trombone and Strings, 1998

"Guernica" Piano Concerto, 2013 ("23)
(2,2,2/1,2,4,2,3,1, 4 perc.,full strings, solo piano)
Commissioned by concert pianist Kemal Gekic
Kemal Gekic "Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Marcello Rota, conducting

Opera and Compositions for the Stage (Back to Top)

MASADA, 1989-91
An opera in 3 acts for 7 solo singers, mixed chorus and orchestra (36)
International Festival of Arts Music, Vilinius, Lithuania " Lithuanian Opera

The Nothing Ballet, 1971 ( 20")
(1/2,2,2,3,6,4,2,1, harp, piano, 5 percussion, strings 6,5,,3,2, & electronic tape)
National Education Television " Sandra Perlman, choreographer
Royal Winnepeg Ballet " Sandra Perlman, choreographer
The Dancers Stage, Haifa, Israel " Lea Shubert, choreographer
Batsheva Dance Company, Tel-Aviv, Israel " Rina Gluck, choreographer
Israel Philharmonic and The Bat-Sheva Dance Company, Tel-Aviv,Israel,
Zubin Mehta, conducting (renamed The Journey)
Royal Swedish Ballet, Stockholm, Sweden
Kennith Cristophson, choreographer
San Francisco Mime Theater, San Francisco, California
Telluride Music Festival, Telluride, Colorado

Birds (Ballet), 1974 (electronic tape) (11")
Commissioned by Lea Shubert & The Dancers Stage
The Dancers Stage, Haifa " Lea Shubert, choreographer

The Cage (Ballet), 1976 (electronic tape) (10")
Commissioned by the Bat-Dor Dance Company
Bat-Dor Dance Company, Tel-Aviv " Rina Schoenfeld, choreographer

The Changling (Drama), 1971 (9")
(electronic tape, rhythm & blues band and concrete sounds)
Commissioned by the University of Wisconsin & the Wisconsin Theatre Company

And The World Goes On (Theatre Piece), 1971 (15")
(percussion, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, electronic guitar, electronic tape & piano)
Commissioned by the University of Wisconsin
New Music Ensemble, University of Wisconsin
Darmstadt New Music Festival, Darmstadt, Germany
Retrospective of the Music of Fredrick Kaufman , San Francisco YM & YWHA "78
Berkeley Museum of Fine Art, Berkeley, California
Telluride Music Festival, Telluride, Colorado
Northern Illinois University

Regal Fanfare, 1996 (6")
(antiphinal brass, chorus, concert band, and orchestra)Inauguration of the Wertheim Performing Arts Center, Miami

Silver Fanfare, 1997 (7")
(chorus and orchestra)
Commissioned by Ron Logan (Executive, Walt Disney World Entertainment Company)

Film Scores (Back to Top)

Scenes in Ein Hod, 1973 (14 minute score)
A thirty minute television film documenting life in the Israeli artist village of Ein Hod. Diverse grouping of instruments including: alto recorder, flute, oboe, ud & celeste.

San Francisco Bay, 1977 (15 minute score)
A thirty minute television documentary featuring the many personalities of the San Francisco bay. Sponsored by the San Francisco PBS station KQED. Scored for electronic sounds, a wide spectrum of concrete sounds, a string quartet and a woodwind trio.

Arabs in America, 1979 (12 minute score segment)
Sixty minute award winning PBS-Television film documenting the plight of a displaced Arab population in Deerborn, Michigan. Score derived from Triple Concerto for Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Jazz Band & Symphony Orchestra.

Arnost Lustig - Nine Lives, 2013 (22 minute film score)
A 63 minute Czech documentary film tracing the life of the renowned Czech author/journalist Arnost Lustig, with special emphasis placed on his experiences in the Holocaust. Score derived from "Kaddish, Cello Concerto, Dance of Death, Clarinet Concerto and entire 2nd movement of 3rd String Quartet.

Choral Music (Back to Top)

5 Psalms, 1973 (12")
Commissioned by the Temple Beth-El, Duluth, Minnesota
Temple Beth-El, Duluth, Minnesota
Temple Israel, Brooklyn, New York
Temple Emmanuel, San Francisco
Knesith Israel, Chicago, Illinois
Numerous performances in synagogues throughout the United States

Contata, 1975 (17")
Rubin Academy Chorus, Jerusalem, Israel " Stanley Spurber, conducting

Echoes, 1978 (13")
(chorus (SATB) flute, clarinet & 3 percussion)
Eastern Montana College Concert Choir
North Dakota State University Chorus
University of the Arts Chorus

Stars and Distances, 1982 (18")
(chorus (SATB) minimum 16 voices) plus optional amplification
Commissioned for 1982 graduation ceremony, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma , WA
Choir of the West
Festival Chorus, London

Mother of Exiles, 1986 (9")
(chorus (SATB), optional strings 5,5,4,3,2)
Commissioned by the Statue of Liberty Rededication Committee
United Nations Chorus " nationally broadcast rededication ceremony of the Statue of Liberty, NBC-TV
Canticum Novum Chorus, N.Y.C. " Harold Rosenbaum, conducting

Prayer, 1988 (12")
(chorus (SATB), clarinet & percussion)
Canticum Novum Chorus, N.Y.C. " Harold Rosenbaum, conducting
Vilnius Chamber Chorus, Vilnius, Lithuania

String Quartets (Back to Top)

String Quartet #1, 1969 (18")
Lewis & Clark String Quartet
Windsor String Quartet
DePasquale Quartet

String Quartet #2, 1978 (16")
Commissioned by the Windsor String Quartet
Windsor String Quartet 

String Quartet #3, 1980 (15")
Ars Nova Quartet, Haifa, Israel
Miami String Quartet

String Quartet #4, 1984 (14"30")
DePasquale String Quartet 

Mobile String Quartet, 1985 (15")
Philadelphia String Quartet
Columbia String Quartet
De Pasquale String Quartet

Catalan Concertante, 1992 (10")
De Ponte String Quartet
St. Cyprien Festival quartet, St. Cyprien, France 

Catalan Concertante II, 1998 (10")
De Ponte Quartet
Miami String Quartet  Klavier Label KL 11123
Amernet String Quartet, Cincinnati Music Festival

String Quartet #6, "The Urban" 2006 (15") Compact Disc 2011
Amernet String Quartet

Chamber Works (Back to Top)

3 Poems by W.E. Henley, 1968 (9")
(voice & piano)
Numerous performances worldwide.

Sonata for Violin & Piano, 1969 Orion Masterworks Recording "85 (17")
Over 100 Performance in United States, Europe, The Baltic Seas, Russia, Ireland & Israel.
Aspen Music Festival
Israel Music Festival
Ein Hod Festival
Telluride Chamber Music Festival in Telluride, Colorado 
Royal Festival Hall, London
Mann Music Center, Philadelphia
Merkin Hall, New York City
St. Cyprien Music Festival, France
Danced by The Pennsylvania Dance Theatre

Woodwind Trio, 1969 (14")
(flute, clarinet & bassoon)
Commissioned by the South Dakota Composers Association.
Yankton College faculty Woodwind Ensemble, South Dakota Music Conference

Interiors, 1971 (10")
(violin & piano)
Commissioned and premiered by violinist Avigdor Zamir
Roy Malan " the San Francisco Retrospective
Roy Malan " the University of California, Berkeley
Roy Malan " Telluride Chamber Music Festival
Numerous additional performances throughout the United States

Percussion Trio, 1975 (20")
Jerusalem Symphony Percussion Ensemble, Hebrew University
University of California Percussion Ensemble " Berkeley
Manhattan School of Music Percussion Ensemble
Temple University "88
University of the Arts Percussion Ensemble

Yom Kippur War Piece, 1974 (7")
(shofar, bass drum, electronic tape)
Rubin Academy of Music
Film: Fredrick Kaufman, Life of a Composer
Telluride Music Festival

Introduction & Dance, 1975 (12")
(clarinet, violin, cello & piano)
San Francisco Retrospective
Telluride Chamber Music Festival
St. Cyprien Festival

Five Fragrances of Winter, 1980 (16")
(clarinet, harp & 3 percussion)
Cleveland Institute of Music
Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts
Colordo Music Festival

Piano Gigue #2, 1980 (6")
Commissioned by the Montana Piano Teachers Association
Premiered by Dorathea Churgin

Gigue for 2 Violins, 1980 (5")
Commissioned by the Telluride Chamber Music Festival
Premiered by Arturo Delmoni and Roy Malan

Gigue for Harpsicord, 1980 (6")

Duo for Violin & Guitar, 1980 (9")

Meditation for a Lonely Flute, 1983 (7") Compact Disc 2011
Julius Baker
Adeline Tomasone
Numerous performances worldwide.

Metamorphosis for Piano (14")
Susan Starr
Marcantonio Barone
Kemal Gekic

A Bud for Bloom, 1988 Compact Disc "93 (15") Compact Disc 2011
(flute, oboe, piano)
Julius Baker, Richard Woodhams, Susan Starr " Lincoln Center, New York City
Rubin Academy of Music, Israel
Adeline Tomasone, Sarah Lambert Bloom, Susan Starr " St. Cyprien Festival
Julius Baker, Sarah L. Bloom, Susan Starr, FIU Music Festival

Echoes, 1990 Compact Disc "94 (16")
(mezzo-soprano, oboe, violin & viola)
Isabelle Ganz, Sara Lambert Bloom, Chin Kim, Roberto Diaz " St. Cyprien Festival

Echoes II, 2002 (15")
(tenor, oboe, viola)
Commissioned by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)
NATS National Conference, New Orleans

Fanfare for Oboe, 1990 Compact Disc "94 (4")
Sarah Lambert Bloom " Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Instrumental Double Reed Society Convention, Frankfurt, Germany

Nodus I, 1991 (12")
(clarinet & piano)
Jon Manasse & Susan Starr " St. Cyprien Festival

Fanfare for Alto Saxophone, 1991 (3")

Fanfare for Contrabassoon, 1996 (3")

Regal Fanfare, 1996 (5")
(antiphinal brass, chorus, concert band & symphony orchestra)

Silver Fanfare, 1997 (5")
(chorus & orchestra)

Aaronson Clarinet Quintet, 1988 (14")
Charles Neidich

Catalan Concertante, 1991 (10")
(guitar quartet)
Entrequatre, Asturias

Sudon, 1999 (13")
(clarinet and piano)
Commissioned by the Florida Music Teachers Association
Paul Green, 1999-2001 ( 8 performances in Moldova, Poland and United States)

Dance of Death II, 1997 (24")
Czech Radio Orchestra
FIU Music Festival " Stewart Robertson, conducting

Nodus II, 1997 (13")
(clarinet and piano)
Paul Green, 1998-2001 (12 performances in Poland and the U.S.)
Richard Stolzman 1998-2001 ( 8 performances)
Inner Sanctum , 1999
(solo cello)
Keith Robinson, New Music Miami Festival

Wild Wind, 2002 (9") Compact Disc 2011
(solo clarinet)
Paul Green, National Clarinet Association Conference

Wild Wind II, 2003
(solo bass clarinet)
Henri Bok, Miami/Holland

The Dynamic Duo, 2003 (11")
(2 solo violas)
Commissioned by Laura Wilcox for a recording with Chauncey Patterson

Yin & Yang: A Dialogue Between Two Grand Pianos, 2003 (12") Compact Disc 2011
Commissioned by The Dranoff International Two Piano Competition
Tosheff Piano Duo, California
Dranoff Two Piano Competition, Miami
Kaufman Auditorium, New York
Colorado Music Festival

Inner Sanctum II, 2003 Compact Disc 2011
(solo bass clarinet)
Henri Bok, Miami/Syngapore/Spain
Recording scheduled

Asturias (11")
(guitar quartet)
Commissioned by Entrequatre and the city of Asturias, Spain

Coda, 2003 (5")
(clarinet, viola, piano)
National Clarinet Conference

Kaminarimon, 2002 (12")
(flamenco dance, taiko drums)
Miami New Music Festival
FIU Music Festival
Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities
Music Festival of the Hamptons, East Hamptons, New York

ThunderGate Suite, 2009 (11") Compact Disc 2011
(taiko drums,sagahachi flute, flamenco dance, flamenco guitar)
Continental Airlines, In Flight Entertainment

Electronic Music (Back to Top)

11 works conceived 1971-1983 on Moog, Arp & Buchla synthesizers12 miscellaneous Incidental Chamber and solo works for stage productions

Incidental Music (Back to Top)

12 miscellaneous Incidental Chamber and solo works for stage productions

Recorded Music (Back to Top)

Festival International Des Arts - St Cyprien...... Red CD42
Numerous artists

Mobiles .................................................. Klavier CD11123
Miami String Quartet
Paul Green, clarinet

Premiere Chamber Works ................... Centaur CRC 2217
Sara Lambert Bloom, oboe
Julius Baker, flute
Susan Starr, piano

Fantasies for Flute ................................. i-Tunes/Amazon
Adeline Tomasone, flute

Wicked ............................................................ ALC 0002
Henri Bok, bass clarinet

The Many Faces of Fredrick Kaufman ..... i-Tunes/Amazon
Amernet String Quartet
Fushu Daiko, taiko drums
Flamenco Dance
Teshoff Piano Duo
Andres Diaz, cello
Numerous Artists

Fredrick Kaufman .......................................... MMC 2074
Richard Stoltzman, clarinet
    Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra
Mark Drobinsky, cello
    Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra
English Sinfonietta

Guernica ............................................ Navona Recordings
                                           (released by Naxos, summer '13)
Kemal Gekic, piano
    Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Mark Drobinsky, cello
    Czech Radio Orchestra
Czech Symphony Orchestra

Biographical Film (Back to Top)

Fredrick Kaufman: Life of a Composer "76
Israel Television (30")


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